This isn’t just a tote bag; it’s a statement and a tool rolled into one, engineered for those who understand that every act, even the seemingly mundane task of carrying stuff, can be a form of resistance. So let’s dissect this remarkable piece of utility art, shall we?

Material Reality
First up, what’s it made of? This isn’t some petroleum-based disaster waiting to clog up our oceans. We’re talking 100% certified organic cotton, crafted in a 3/1 twill weave. At 8 oz/yd², this bag isn’t messing around; it’s sturdy enough to hold those hefty volumes on mutual aid theory or food supplies for your next community gathering.

Spatial Relations
We designed this bag to be roomy. How roomy? Try 16″ × 14 ½″ × 5″. That’s 40.6 cm × 35.6 cm × 12.7 cm for those who’ve kicked the imperial system to the curb. Either way, that’s a good chunk of space for your zines, your groceries, or whatever you need for your next direct action.

Bearing the Weight
This isn’t some flimsy fashion statement; it’s practical rebellion. With a weight limit of 30 lbs, it’s ready for real-world application, be it transporting food to a community fridge or carrying your essentials while you’re on the move, making waves.

Ergonomic Struggle
1-inch wide dual straps at a length of 24.5 inches provide the kind of comfort that you’ll need when you’re on the ground, facilitating workshops or just going about your day-to-day as a conscientious objector to capitalist consumerism.

Open Main Compartment
No zippers, no fuss. This bag is as open and accessible as a community garden. Easy to throw things in, easy to take things out.

The Art of Resistance
We didn’t just slap some random graphics on here. No, the art is integral to what this bag represents. A world map takes center stage, signaling our interconnected struggles.

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