Online Screening Event: The Antifascists Documentary

This screening is over but you can watch it on A Radical Guide’s film site


On Friday, August 10, 2018 at 4pm (Pacific) we will host a live, online screening of the 2017 documentary, The Antifascists.


This is a free screening and we are providing tickets to test out the new system. If you do pay for a ticket, I will use half of what comes in for maintenance for the site (so we can continue doing things like this) and I will send the other half to the film creator. You must obtain a ticket (free or paid) to receive the link for the film screening.

About The Antifascists

A low intense war is being fought on the streets of Europe and the aim is on fascism. This documentary takes us behind the masks of the militant groups called antifascists.

In 2013 a group of armed national socialists attack a peaceful demonstration in Stockholm where several people are injured. In Greece the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn becomes the third largest in the election and in Malmö the activist Showan Shattak and his friends are attacked by a group of nazis with knives and he ends up in a coma.

In this portrait of the antifascists in Greece and Sweden we get to meet key figures who explain their view on their radical politics, but also to question the level their own violence and militancy.

How to Watch The Antifascists Documentary

You must obtain a ticket by filling out the form below using an email that is active. Once your ticket has been purchased you will receive an email with a special link.

This special link will give you access to the private content page to view the documentary on Friday, August 10, 2018 at 4pm (Pacific). If you lose the email link, you can visit the screening page and enter your email (the one used to get the tickets) and another link will be sent to you.

When you use the link that is sent to you via email, you will be able to watch the documentary at the time of the screening.

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Directed by
Patrik Öberg and Emil Ramos

Cinematography by
Patrik Öberg, Kalle Jansson, Fabian Sigurd and others

Edited by
Kristoffer Kronander and Kalle Jansson

Music by
Julius Schmidt

Göran Hugo Olsson

Graphic Design by
Simon Rehnström

Cover Photo by
Victor Pressfeldt

Produced by Pråmfilm AB

Antifascisterna | 2017 | 75 min | Spoken Languages: Swedish, English, Greek | Subtitles: English


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