The Anarchist Quiz Book

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A handy, pocket-size compendium of the now infamous anarcho-quizzes that ran, first in the pages of Black Flag, under the authorship of the legendary Albert Meltzer. 350 questions (plus answers, in the back!), running the gamut from, ““In which city was the first anarcha-feminist paper published?”” to “”In 1840, the Russian government provoked riots by ordering peasants to grow what?”” to ““Which murdering fascist did Italy commemorate in 2005 with a postage stamp?”” to the ever popular trivia gem “”What inspired Sylvia Pankhurst to help open a jam factory?”

” Agitate, educate, and organize! All in a handy quiz format!

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Compiled by Martin Howard
Some say that it should not be the highest priority of a revolutionary movement to ask itself obscure questions, but it is fun, and if it encourages an enquiring mind to find out more, then all the better.
So agitate, educate and organise, all in a handy question and answer format!
Includes illustrations by Paul Petard.

Freedom Press
97 pages
Black and White

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