You Better Not Say: A Black Consciousness Game


The game is simple but its effect is huge! This is so much more than just another don’t say the words game!

Even better, you can learn valuable Black history and culture information as you play. The items “You Better Not Say” are critical facts and information about each of the subjects, giving you an opportunity to learn while having fun with friends and family.

We’ve all played games like this but this one will drive you hard to learn more about Black History and will push your knowledge and skill to the limit!

The 104 subjects cover a range of Black History from the past to contemporary people, events and important moments too such as Fannie Lou Hamer, Bob Marley, Haile Selassie, Barack Obama, The Haitian Revolution, The Harlem Renaissance, Angela Davis, Dave Chappelle and MUCH MORE!

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Urban Intellectuals (UI) provides positive Black history, culture and news. Our motto is Black Excellence > Ignorance

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